Miguel Mandelli, guitar

Miguel Mandelli Foto.JPG

Born in 1995 in Florianópolis, Brazil, Miguel Mandelli is first prize winner of two national solo competitions in Brazil, two national chamber music competitions, one International competition and finalist of the international solo guitar competition of Oberhausen.


Miguel Mandellis teaching experience always followed his solo career. He started teaching guitar at age 17, as supervisor of new students in the conservatory of Tatuí (Sao Paulo). In Ireland(2015) he taught music for  kids and people with special needs, working alongside the musical therapist John Clark (Scotland). During his studies he gave private lessons in Italy in Rome and Florence and in Graz in Austria.


Miguel started his musical studies in his childhood, with his parents, also musicians. He started playing Guitar at the age of 15, at 16 became a student of the classical guitarist Angela Muner, and in that same year won two of the well known classical guitar competitions in Brasil, the Souza Lima and Musicalis competitions. At age 17 he became first guitar at the guitar orchestra of Tatuí, playing beside Edson Lopes (ex member of the  Brasilian guitar quartet, winner of the latin grammy award 2011), giving concerts in many cities in Brasil, such as Sao Paulo, Campos do Jordao, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Florianopolis, etc.


In 2017 Miguel studied in Graz with Petra Polackova, a renown concertist in Europa and America. In August of 2018 he started his studies at the Koblenz guitar academy, as student of Hubert Käppel (Professor at the Musikhochschule Köln, Musikhochschule Mainz, teacher at the Koblenz Guitar Academy) and was a finalist of the international guitar competition in Oberhausen.


Miguel is currently teaching at numerous music schools in Germany.